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Hello, WoW-Apocalypse players! I need some help on WoW-Apocalypse so if you can help me make Application on Mercury or Apocalypse!

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 In-Game Rules for Staff

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PostSubject: In-Game Rules for Staff   Thu Jan 20, 2011 9:33 pm

Game Masters are expected to be active in-game and on the forums. There is no "set time", though "/played" will be checked regularly to see to it that Game Masters are doing their fair share. If a Game Master cannot perform their duty for the day or however long, please let us know and we can get it settled.

When being part of the WoW Apocalypse staff team you need to be on ventrilo AT ALL TIME if you are online in game.
When online ingame: Go to the realm channel of the realm you work on.
When AFK (even if it's 2 minutes): You go to the AFK for Staff and Off-Line ingame.
If you are not on ventrilo a lot we count this as "inactive".

Vacation and other needs?
Ofcourse everyone got it's vacation and needs.
Therefor you'll have to go to your higher authority to tell them you can't be online for 1 - 4 weeks due to vacation or something else.
I you don't do that we'll count you inactive on the staff list and you'll be automatically removed after one week being inactive.

Account sharing and Security.
Account sharing is ofcourse not allowed. you "don't" give the info about the logon to your GM account to ANYONE, It's your GM account on not your "friend's" account.
If we see it happening you will be fired without any reply.
Therefor secure your account for your own safety, if we see something happening and you got no "GOOD" proof that it was not you, You will be fired without reply.

Interacting with the Community
When in-game or on the forums, interacting with the community is a big part of the job. Do not have that "I don't care" attitude. We expect our Game Master's to have a positive attitude regardless of how stressful the situation might be. Keep your cool and do not burst out in anger, this only makes you and all of our staff look bad and unprofessional.

Also when interacting, grammar and language skills are very much needed. We are here as professionals and need to act as such. Use correct grammar and understandable language. The more clear you are the better, keep it simple and yet informational. But do keep in mind, keep cursing to a minimum, no need to scare off those who need help from us. Afterall, you don't see Blizzard saying 'yo bruv, init, whut do you want help with brov'

Let's face it, tickets can be a pain. But they need to be done and correctly as well. When doing tickets, take the time to review it and make sure that you have helped the player out as much as possible. Doing so will most likely eliminate the possibility of them creating another ticket about the same subject. Be informative and have your statistics correct. Need help? Ask another staff member who is online, for a quick reply. Do not be ashamed if you need help, everyone does once in a while.

(This is to see if you have actually been reading, please state the word "Toys" in your reply)

Be kind and supportive. Do not half-ass the ticket or make it so we look unprofessional and have no idea what we are doing.
I understand that we don't get many tickets, however you don't have to be on all the time waiting for tickets to come in, feel free to use Youtube, chat with friends etc, you don't have to dedicate so much on a realm but we do expect you to do tickets and to help out players if needed. If you don't and take advantage of other things /goodbye awaits you.

Abusing Powers
To start this off, this is a BIG NO NO! We do not take kind to those who abuse their powers for their alts or any other excitement when it comes to their Game Master characters or alts. Adding items, Adding Title's, Creating players a guild, modifying, special treatment, teleporting, etc. will NOT be tolerated towards your alts or other community players. In cases when players need help, would this only be necessary. Such as a player who is stuck, teleport them. The other commands really should not be administrated to the player unless granted permission from an Administrator is present.

This is considered corruption none the less and is something we take extremely seriously here at WoW Apocalypse. We are professionals and do not respect those who are corrupt. This looks bad on our part as well as the server as a whole.

We do have logs, which are checked regularly. All eyes are on your commands, be mindful of what you are doing. You will be removed if any hint of corruption is about.

Bascially, here at WoW Apocalypse you are on a Trial Period for 1 week. In order to host events, you need to become a fully registered Game Master. We do NOT want Trial GM's hosting events under any circumstances. As there is currently no rewards, this will be reviewed soon.

You can read the following to help you:

1. GM's represent WoW Apocalypse, therefore you are required to be polite and mature to every player, this includes staff.

2. Favoring a player/Group of Players/Guild over another will make people feel left out, and increase another ones ego. Spend only the required amount of time with a player. Do not treat them like their special. You are allowed to play around with players, but keep this to minimum.

3. You must follow the rules yourself. If a GM is found to be breaking a serious rule, your access will be removed and your accounts banned for the appropriate amount of time.

4. Try and spend as much time as possible on your GM toon. You should be playing on your GM char for roughly the same amount of time as your player toon. There is no minimum amount of hours you have to work, but try and stay active.

5. You are required to post a thread in the Staff Availability Forum if you are inactive for an extended period of time. Failure to do so will lead to your account being locked, and upon your return, you may not get back into staff.

6. Do not cast any AoE spells in crowded/public areas. Do not interrupt any of the players gameplay unless it is on GM island or in an event area. ESPECIALLY do not cast high dmg spells.

7. You are required to be on vent & msn while Gm'ing so we can contact you easily.

8. Never try and cause unwanted drama. If you don't have anything constructive to say, don't say it. If you have an issue or complaint with or about someone, contact an admin or someone from the management, never take it public.

9. Do not spawn bosses/kill bosses/help players with raids/quests etc. The only thing you are allowed to help them with is CLASS ESSENTIAL quests. Like for the redemption spell, totems etc.

10. Think before you act, speak, type.

11. If you are unsure about what anything does, and it could potentially break stuff - ASK, there is nothing wrong with asking - any one will usually be glad to help.

12. Staff is not allowed to add, use or to wear any vote or donation gear ingame or to have it in your bags, it's donation gear where players have to donate for.

13. You may only have one character on your GM account which is the staff name you're known with.

14. duelling is allowed only if the player asks for it, PVP is not allowed only if it's a PvP event based on that ( Such as "Kill The GM")

15. Being inactive for 3+ days without a good excuse will get you fired, only if you bring us the news that you'll not be able to be online for max 2 weeks you'll keep the rank.

What Game Master's are permitted to do:
Add items to Game Master character
Modify Game Master character
Teleport Game Master character
Learn spells / skills on Game Master character
Talk amongst players on Game Master character

What Game Master's are NOT permitted to do:
Add items to alts or players
Modify alts or players
Teleport alts or players
Teach spells / skills to alts or players
Laze about and do nothing.
Taking advantage of your playing account
Use any of your powers on players at all.
As creating guilds or adding title's is not allowed.

What Trial GM's need in order to do their job:
- Wear the Gamemaster's Robes at all time.
- Be in the guild "EGK-Gaming Staff".
- Be in Ventrilo at all time when working.
- Be mature and polite.
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In-Game Rules for Staff
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