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Hello, WoW-Apocalypse players! I need some help on WoW-Apocalypse so if you can help me make Application on Mercury or Apocalypse!

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 Players Rules

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PostSubject: Players Rules   Thu Jan 20, 2011 9:29 pm

Player Rules

These rules below are made especially for players. These rules will help avoid any problems in the community and will help our staff out a lot!

As you may know, rules are rules, you obay them and do as your told. If you decide to ignore the rules, you will simply be punished! It's very simple. However, players: If you notice anybody abusing or even not following the rules, you can report them on the forums.

1. Do NOT use hacks or cheats on our server, if you are seen hacking you will be instantly banned from our server. We have ZERO TOLERANCE for hacking.

1st Offense: 14d Account Ban
2nd Offense: Perm Account Ban
3rd Offense: Perm IP ban

GM's please make use of their IP and the .lookup player command so you are aware if the player has been banned for any particular reason.

2. Do NOT abuse any kind of bugs you find on the realm, if you find a bug, report it on the forums. They can then be fixed by our developers. If you are seen abusing a bug, you will be warned from up to 2 times. If you fail to co-operate with the GM, you will be banned.

1st Offense: Perm Character Ban (After 2 warnings issues)
2nd Offense: 7D Account Ban
3rd Offense: Perm Account Ban

3. Character Names:

Forbidden Names: You can also find these on the forums as well in regards to names. I will go over them.
Sexist, Pornographic, racialistic, copy of staff member.

ALL of these will result an automatic character rename and will be checked upon. If the user continues and ignores this. A perm account ban will be issued.

4. Fair Player
Character Graveyard/Camping near a spirit healer/Honor farming etc.

Players are FORBIDDEN to do this. If you are doing this, you can recieve up to the following:

1st Offense: 2 Hour character Ban
2nd Offense: Honor removed/PVP items gained removed
3rd Offense: Account ban

5. Staff Harassment/ or interferance while on Duty.

The title explains it, if you are to annoy a GM by creating loads of tickets or even shouting abuse towards a Staff member to get their attention, you can recieve:

1st Offense: Warning/Kick/Mute (3-7 hours mute)
2nd Offense: 1-2 Day account Suspention
3rd Offense: 7d Account Ban

6. Win trading aka trading wins with another team in arena.

1st Offense: 10 day account suspension & removal of all arena points and rating and the gear WILL be removed.
2nd Offense: 15 day account suspension & 2 day IP suspension. Removal of ALL arena points and rating and within traded bracket. Gear will be removed and arena team will be lost.
3rd Offense: 30 day account ban & 5 day IP suspension - Character will be deleted and possible account.

7. Account(&Gold) Trading/Selling/Gifting/Password Scamming; Staff Impersonation; Advertising; Staff Bashing; Chargebacks.

1st Offense: Perm ban on ALL account holder's & 2 week IP ban from the EGK-Gaming Network.

8. Multiboxing

Multiboxing - Controling 2 or more characters by using one computer.

1st Offense: Depending on how many accounts/characters they are using. The off-accounts (players that follow) will recieve a 7day account ban.
2nd Offense: Perm account ban on all accounts
3rd Offense: 3d IP ban

9. Chat:

Please keep all the public chat (/say /yell /emote LFG General Ect) free of any inappropriate (curse words, sexual things ect) chat, if it's things like in a party go for it.
Also refrain from asking GameMasters, Admins and Developers for morphs, items, gold ect.

1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: 1 Hour Mute
3rd Offense: 1 Day Mute
4th Offense: Mute forever.

10.Cooldown Resets
Please do not abuse the cooldown resets to spam spawn objects (I.E. Campfires).
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Players Rules
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